what Is curling?

Although it has only recently become a part of the Olympic Games, the game/sport of Curling dates back to the 16th century where it was played on the ice of frozen ponds and lochs. The first curling clubs began in Scotland. The rules of curling came from these curling clubs in the 1800s. Thanks to the invention of refrigeration and indoor ice, curling no longer needs to be played in northern, frigid climates. We are able to play all throughout the world.

Curling is a team sport which involves sliding granite stones on ice and sweeping the area in front of them to direct them to desired locations. Two teams take turns sliding their stones towards a target (house). Each team has eight stones, each player throwing twice. Points are scored by placing your stones closest to the center of the target.


When the stone is thrown, it doesn’t move in a straight line. Instead, it curls across the ice. Skillful curlers are excellent at controlling the stone and directing it to where they want it to go. This video provides excellent technical information about the curl.


In curling, the winning team has the most points at the completion of ten ends.

Points are scores at the end of each end, after teams have thrown their eight stones. The team whose stone is closest to the button receives one point. For each additional stone that is closer to the button than the closest of the opponent’s stones, another point is rewarded. For example: If a team has three stones that are closer to the button than the closest opposing stone, they receive three points.

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