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Good Curling, Kentucky!

Learn to Curl classes teach the basics of curling.

The first 30 minutes consists of classroom discussion. The remaining 90 minutes includes on-ice time and instruction.


Although it has only recently become a part of the Olympic Games, the game/sport of Curling dates back to the 16th century where it was played on the ice of frozen ponds and lochs. The first curling clubs began in Scotland. The rules of curling came from these curling clubs in the 1800s. Thanks to the invention of refrigeration and indoor ice, curling no longer needs to be played in northern, frigid climates. We are able to play all throughout the world…even in Kentucky!


When the stone is thrown, it doesn’t move in a straight line. Instead, it curls across the ice. Skillful curlers are excellent at controlling the stone and directing it to where they want it to go.


In curling, the winning team has the most points at the completion of ten ends.

Points are scores at the end of each end, after teams have thrown their eight stones. The team whose stone is closest to the button receives one point. For each additional stone that is closer to the button than the closest of the opponent’s stones, another point is rewarded. For example: If a team has three stones that are closer to the button than the closest opposing stone, they receive three points.


Broom: Also called a brush, it is used to sweep the ice in front of the stone. Sweeping can affect the speed and direction of the stone.

Delivery Stick: A device used by wheelchair users or anyone who is unable to throw a stone. The stick is attached to the stone during delivery, then pulled back detaching it.

End: When each team throws all eight of their stones, that is an end. There are ten ends in a game of curling. Points are given at the conclusion of each end.

Hammer: The term hammer refers to the last-rock advantage given to a team. If a team throws the last stone in an end, they have the hammer.

House: A target placed on either end of the sheet. The house consists of 4 circles, the center circle being called the button.

Sheet: The playing area. The sheet is a rectangular area of ice typically measuring 146 – 150 feet long and 14.5 – 16.5 ft. wide.

Stone: What is thrown down the sheet toward the house. They are made of granite from either Scotland or Wales. Sometimes call a rock.